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Triebel Guntools - History

History - Triebel Waffen


The company was established by Rudi Triebel, who was born in Suhl (Germany).
His examination for the master´s certificate as gunsmith was in 1942.
After World War II he worked as a professional gunsmith in the gun shop of his father Robert Triebel in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria).


History - Triebel Waffen

Later, Rudi Triebel established his own small workshop in Kaufbeuren. There, he was able to install the first production machines to produce spare-parts for handguns and riflescope mountings.

He soon learned that it was impossible, to buy good chamber reamers. So he started to produce his own tools.
History - Triebel Waffen
This was the starting signal for a company, which today is operating worldwide!
Since 1984, Jürgen Triebel (Rudi Triebel´s son) is leading the company.
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